Urban Summer

Bild von Axel Venn. Farben der Hauptstadt

Capital colors
Exhibition opening 23 June 2023

This exhibition presents a vibrant collection of abstract and colorful paintings that echo the pulsating energy and architecture of metropolitan life. Each single artwork is a sensual kaleidoscope of urban feelings, captured in the colors of summer.

Prof. Axel Venn will be attending and looks forward to presenting his work to you.

Opening: Dr. Birger Venn-Hein, Exhibition accompaniment: Caroline Venn
Exhibition venue: Atelier Kunstraum, Goßlerstr. 10, 12161 Berlin (more)

Prof. Axel Venn

Colors have always inspired and fascinated me. They became my life’s work, my elixir of life. Color plays with us, it creates beguiling illusions, sometimes as delicate poetry, sometimes riotous and martial. Each color nuance possesses an inherent charisma that has an individual effect on the viewer. Colors and shapes have their own independent emotional and collective content. My works offer narratives that appeal to everyone in a different way in your particularity. For each of my paintings, I create a fifteen-line poem that addresses the question, “What made me do it?”

Many of my paintings and works are based on color research findings based on deciphering foreground and background appeals of individual tones and colorings. The ability of colorations to communicate is equal to verbal messages. The medium- to large-scale works feed on a multitude of ideas: Utopias, reveries, but also from reality. Detached from enclosing limitations and narrowness, they become part of the space. My paintings should not only appeal to the current generation, but also inspire generations to come.


  • Studies at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen with diploma degree
  • Initiator of design and art projects and research in Europe and USA
  • 15 years as creative consultant for DuPont, ICI International Chemical Imperial, Beiersdorf, Siemens, Wella, Brillux, Lambert, RAL gGmbH, dm, WMF , JAB ANSTOETZ etc.
  • First professorship for color design and perception science in Wismar, afterwards professorship for color design, color theory and trend scouting at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Hildesheim
  • Lived and worked among others in Belgium, France and Switzerland and since 2008 as an artist in the studio Kunstraum in Berlin
  • Publication of more than 30 color, art and technical books on topics including: Perceptual science, design, marketing with colors, colors of health, art, interior design and architecture.