Axel Venn – Autumn Dynamics - Every picture needs a story

by Eva Schenk

Axel Venn’s exhibition tells of the escalation of the political and social problems in our world this fall. You can feel the change. Axel Venn only tells in colors and in the battle of the colored areas with each other and against each other. The images function as mirrors of their own narratives and the narratives of the viewer. The large-scale paintings in different colors and with different brush strokes each have a different story to tell. It crackles and rustles, a storm is brewing. Axel Venn is an abstract painter, but in the current exhibition a large fish and air bubbles appear. You tend to smile.

The painter is currently dealing with life and death in autumn. His color surfaces have become more aggressive, the optimism and lightness of his summer landscape have given way to autumnal colors and forms, but hope and the end of summer are not lost in the dark pictures either.

It is a pleasure to watch the painter create his pictures, to look at the pictures in different states. I could scarcely have imagined the precision with which he developed his paintings at every moment until he declared them complete. But even when they are finished and carefully framed by my own hands, they live on in the light and change with the light and shadows that fall into the painter’s studio from the street, from cars on the street, from passers-by and trees and over the canvases scurry. That always fascinates me.

In the run-up to the Südwestpassage KULTOUR, the vernissage will take place on October 7th, 2022 from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the “Atelier Kunstraum”, Goßlerstraße 10, 12161 Berlin (Friedenau). The “Atelier Kunstraum” will remain closed on 8./9. October during the Südwestpassage KULTOUR open. You are always welcome to arrange an individual visit.